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Kvas Recipe

Kvas Recipe

Since ancient times Russians are very fond of kvas. Kvas (also written as kvass) is...

Russian Phrases in Englis...

Russian Phrases in Englis...

If you plan to go to Russia it will be useful to learn some phrases...

Russian Alphabet

Russian Alphabet

Russian alphabet is a form of the Cyrillic script. Around 863 year, the brothers Cyril...

Potato Cakes (Army Porrid...

Potato Cakes (Army Porrid...

Potato cakes have the same recipe as army porridge, which was invented by Russian soldiers....

Sirniki Recipe

Sirniki Recipe

Sirniki (also written as syrniki) is a dish of Russian cuisine, they made of cottage...

Russian Main Course Dishes

Vareniki (Dumplings) Recipe


Vareniki is common and popular dish in Russia, as well as pelmeni. Filling for vareniki may be different: mashed potatoes with fried onion, cabbage, mushrooms, etc., filling for sweet vareniki may consist of cottage cheese, cherries, etc.

Pelmeni Recipe


Pelmeni (also written as pelmeny) are the meat dumplings, it is everyday dish in Russia. Nowadays people often buy frozen pelmeni in the stores. People usually make pelmeni by hands just for holidays.

Golubtsy Recipe


Golubtsy (also written as golubcy, golubci, golubtsi, stuffed cabbage, cabbage roll) is a dish of Middle Eastern and European cuisine, containing meat with boiled rice wrapped in cabbage leaves. The dish is common in Russia.

Rassolnik Recipe


Rassolnik is a dish of Russian cuisine. This is a kind of soup, the main ingredient is pickled cucumber. Rassolnik is known in Russia since the XV century.

Uha Recipe


Uha is the Russian national dish, a kind of soup. The main ingredient is a fish. Depending on the type of fish uha may be white (pike, perch, ruff), red (sturgeon, salmon) and black (chub, carp, rudd). Uha, which is prepared on a fishing trip, differs from the recipe which is cooked at home. “Fishing uha” cooked over a campfire, with lots of fish, often without vegetables.

Russian Okroshka Recipe


Okroshka is a traditional dish of Russian national cuisine. It is a cold summer soup which is prepared with kvas.

Russian Borsch Recipe


Borsch (also written as borscht, borsht) is the national cuisine of countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarussia, Romania, Moldova and Lithuania.

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