Russian Salads

Salad Mimosa Recipe

Salad Mimoza

Salad Mimosa is a festive salad, the main ingredient is a canned fish (saury, salmon, tuna, etc.), also it contains vegetables, eggs and mayonnaise, which placed in layers. Mimosa Salad got its name because the surface of prepared salad looks like the flowers of mimosa, because of crumbled egg's yolk.

Salad Olivier Recipe

Salad olivier

Salad Olivier is a main dish of New Year's table in Russia. The name was in honor of its creator, Chef Lucien Olivier, who held Parisian restaurant in Moscow in the early 60s of the XIX century. The salad is also known as Russian salad, Potato Salad.

Vinaigrette Recipe


Vinaigrette is a vegetable salad dressed with olive oil. Vinaigrette is a name of sauce which is popular in Europe, it consists of olive oil, vinegar and mustard. The salad used to dressed with this sauce, that is why it got this name. The dish is very popular in Russia.

Herring Under a Fur Coat Recipe

Herring under a fur coat

The salad with herring is popular in Russia. Herring under a fur coat has become one of the main holiday's dish.

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