Vareniki (Dumplings) Recipe


Vareniki is common and popular dish in Russia, as well as pelmeni. Filling for vareniki may be different: mashed potatoes with fried onion, cabbage, mushrooms, etc., filling for sweet vareniki may consist of cottage cheese, cherries, etc.

The dough is prepared as for pelmeni. Vareniki are molded larger than the pelmeni in the form of a crescent, the edges of the vareniki can be decoratively braid. Excepting modeling methods, vareniki differs from the pelmeni, which filling are usually made of raw meat or fish. Filling of the vareniki is usually cooked or fried, so the vareniki are cooked more quickly than pelmeni. Cook in boiling salted water. After the the vareniki comes up to the water surface cook for another 5 minutes. Vareniki are served with sour cream or butter.

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